Homemade Korean BBQ

New Grill and Pork Marinade

We just got a brand new grill for our portable butane burner a few days ago. I couldn’t wait to try it out, so we bought a Pork butt (it’s cheaper and leaner than pork belly) and tried it out the very next day! I was so excited I took a picture of the box! It’s really easy to do Korean BBQ at home too!


The bowl is there to catch the grease and runoff. We did find that the difference between cooking it at home and getting korean bbq at a restaurant is we have to clean the grill between each meat.

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Above is all the ingredients used. We ate:

2 Green squash

1 Yellow Squash

1 Baby Eggplant

1 Homegrown Cucumber

1 Red onion

Potatoes boiled and sliced

3 New York Strip Steaks cut length wise (so they were thin)

1 Pork Butt sliced to 1/4 inch slabs

All of our meat were seasoned in salt, pepper and garlic powder.

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Doesn’t it look beautiful? The problem with 1/4″ pork is that it takes so long to cook. What we did was cook 1 round of steak first, then some veggies. While we were eating that, we cooked the pork. It helps to cut up the pork as it’s cooking so that it cooks faster.

Bring Cooking scissors to the table to cut the meat fast.  And tongs.

This was one of my mother’s best ideas, to buy this grill. I was so excited that we had to use it pronto! The marinade we bought from the local H Mart (Asian Market) and it wasn’t bad at all!

Of course, it wasn’t strictly Korean bbq the Korean way. There wasn’t any banchan, I used oyster sauce on my meat (I love oyster sauce), we forgot the lettuce and my family wanted potatoes over rice. But it was totally Korean bbq Homestyle!


6 thoughts on “Homemade Korean BBQ

  1. Looks delicious and healthy! Yeah, when I go to KBBQ I rarely get chicken or pork because I always make sure to cook the heck out of it. And I hate waiting cause it smells so good. But if I’m going to do pork I always go with the pork belly, soooo good!

    • Thanks! I wanted to get pork belly, but we are trying to be somewhat healthy in our family, so the pork butt is actually better. Pork belly is definitely my favorite, if only it cooked faster!

  2. Hi Liz! Looks amazing and I totally want to buy one of those grills now! One question, did you find the smell of BBQing inside to linger in the house for a while? That’s the one thing I hate about eating Korean BBQ is that I always leave the restaurant smelling like meat LOL

    • Hi Alex! Yes, it did smell like BBQ a little, but we turned on several fans and we also made sure to turn to exhaust fans on in the kitchen and the bathrooms so that the air was flowing in he house. The smell only lingered for an hour or so after we finished eating. Air Flow is key to getting rid of the smell!

    • Thank you! I don’t get to cook at home much, but I love Korean BBQ so much and this is a nice way to enjoy it without going to the restaurant. Now if only I can learn to make bulgogi!

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