Katsudon at Momiji’s


Have you ever had a favorite place to eat? I have a ton! I have plenty of different places that I eat a lot and plenty of places that are my favorite place to eat. Momiji’s being one of them. Momiji’s has a lot going for it. It’s got good beer, good food, and it’s in a great location! If you’re looking for an amzing smash it out of the park Sushi spot with beautiful high grade fish, it’s not this place. If you’re looking for a local sushi spot that has a great atmosphere and good service, this is the place for you!

Today I just wanted to share one of my favorite meals here. It’s Katsudon! It’s Japanese pork cutlet with egg in a rice bowl! It’s delicious and I get oshinko to boot! It’s also pretty to look at too. 011c8321848448beb5a9ba266d234f63db62a057ed


Just Your Average Joe’s

Today I am writing about Not-Your-Average-Joe’s. It is a casual full service kind of trendy place that serves food in the $10-$30 price range. If you want to come here, I would go to OpenTable.com and get a reservation. 

What’s my opinion on the place? The first time I went, it was awesome. I really wanted to come back. The second time, which was today, the service left a LOT to be desired. I don’t know if I’ll ever come back after this time. The food is delicious though, so maybe takeout if I feel an urge for Joe’s.

Sweet Blue Burger

It had blue cheese, country bacon, caramelized onions and arugula.

The blue cheese was very overpowering and it kind of overtook the rest of the flavors in the burger. The fries were nicely crispy but a little overly brown. Going to Joe’s was my sister’s birthday celebration from me, and this is what she ate. She gave it an 8/10.
Sole Florentine

Sole Filets with baby spinach and garlic mashed potatoes. It was served in a lemony beurre blanc which is a lemony butter sauce. It had a couple potato chips on top.

I really liked it. I loved the fish and the vegetables, but I didn’t like the sauce. It was too tart. I would give this dish a 7 out of 10. Given a choice, I would go back and chance bad service for the good food.


The sad part about my adventures in food is that in order to survive during work, I have to have food that is quick. I don’t always have time to go out to a restaurant to eat so this is how I survive the week:



Granted, I try to mix it up, I don’t just eat Stouffers, I also buy Eating Right, Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine. It all depends what is on sale that week. But hey! It kind of looks appetizing, right? right?

I’ve Moved!

I had been posting my restaurant reviews, recipes and food adventures on my google blog…but I don’t like that I can’t share it with facebook and other sites. So, Here I share post such posts and leave my old website to contemplations and ramblings like I like to do occasionally. Here’s the link to the old site: